Fair Trade

Mankato - the first Fair Trade Town in Minnesota (declared October 24, 2011)! - and to the work of the Mankato Area Fair Trade Town Initiative.



First Congregational is a fair trade church and meets the following criteria:

1.  Use only Fair Trade Certified coffee after services and in all meetings for which the church has responsibility.

2.  Move forward on using other Fair Trade products (e.g. chocolate, tea, cocoa, sugar)

3.  Promote Fair Trade during Fair Trade Fortnight (end of April into early May), Fair Trade Month (October) and at other times through events, worship and the selling of Fair Trade Certified products.

If you would like more information on Fair Trade please contact Jane Dow at 625-5092 or Amy Mukamuri at 385-1850.


To find out more about fair trade, visit the following web sites:

Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade Towns USA

Global Exchange


YouTube Links to Fair Trade Videos

Fair Trade - YouTube (1min. 52 secs.):


Fair Trade the Movie (8.40)


First Congregational Fair Trade Video 2012 (4:49)


Fair Trade in Media, PA, the first Fair Trade Town in the USA (6.12)


Fair Trade Coffee how to buy (1.44)


Coffee in Uganda (Gumutindo) (3.23)


Fair Trade Cotton in Cameroon (8.58)


The Fruits of Fair Trade in South Africa (7.53)


Flower Power in Ecuador (10.52)


Blood Chocolate (1.07)


Swap your choc Kuapa Kokoo coop, Ghana (2.26)


Fair Trade bananas in the Dominican Republic - to UK since 2001 (3.00)


Trade Justice why world trade rules need to change (2.27)


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